Monday, September 26, 2005

Musings on the confirmation of John Roberts

With 12 Democratic senators having announced their support for John Roberts, he has now garnered a veto-proof (not that it matters) majority of 67 senators supporting his nomination to become the nation's 17th chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Note that President W is our 43rd president, but Judge Roberts is in line to be only our 17th chief Justice. That should illustrate just how important this deliberation and vote is.

I am concerned about Judge Roberts' nomination simply because of his evident disdain for the role of the judiciary. Time after time , his amicus briefs would have left the appelant no judicial remedy for their issue. No judicial remedy on example after example of government outrages too extensive to list here. My question is too twofold: First, if Judge Roberts doesn't think the judicial system should dispense justice, then who does he think the people can turn to they need it? Street justice? Vigilantism?

Secondly, how can someone who disdains the courts so much want to serve as essentially the chief judicial officer in the country? There's an old saying that you can't govern if you don't believe in government. How can you be a justice if you don't believe in the judiciary?

If I were in the U.S. Senate right now, I cannot say one way or the other how I would vote on Judge Roberts' nomination. All I can say for sure is that I would be asking a lot more questions.

Hey, someone yell at me when I don't blog, would ya? :)

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