Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rasmussen Poll: Strickland lead narrows to 13 points

The results of the monthly Rasmussen poll were released for the month of June. Like other surveys, Rasmussen shows Congressmen Strickland retaining a big advantage over Secretary Blackwell, however, the edge narrowed slightly from last month's poll. The result, however, is within the margin of error of the last poll (it shows Strickland two points lower and Blackwell one point higher than in May, within the 4.5 percent margin of error) so we cannot say the situation has materially changed. This poll compares to the SurveyUSA poll released earlier this month which showed Strickland with a 16 point lead, and a Zogby/WSJ poll which showed Strickland with a 5 point lead.

However, unlike the SurveyUSA poll, and unlike the Rasmussen poll from May, this poll shows incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Mike DeWine with an 8 point lead over Democratic challenger Sherrod Brown. This after both the SurveyUSA and Zogby/WSJ showed Brown with sizable leads.

We are coming up on the four month mark to Election Day. More drama to follow for sure.

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