Friday, March 13, 2009

Nevermind Lee Fisher's Website, Where's Ted Strickland's?

So after all the hoopla about Lee Fisher's website from certain voices in the leftysphere, I'd like to ask this: has anyone visited Ted Strickland's website recently? Yeah. Try it out. You'll find a whole lot of nothing

Neither does anyone seem to be home at the Democratic Governor's Association.

The 2010 election cycle is underway everyone. Time get your websites up and running.


Notrol said...

Novice. Bonehead. Chattering Class. Beltway Media Bubble-Boy. Stenographer. Facsimile.

Yeah, that about covers it, probably all that's left to call you for the Fisher gig. So, it should be over now.

See why I gave up on politics all those many years ago Nicky?

While it's a hoot to watch Rethugs go after each other, it's not much fun when you have to experience first hand the snap judgments of the quick trigger fingers' among us.

Everyone has one of those embarrassing incidents in their past. So let that one reside there, learn from it and MoveOn.


David said...

It's not an apples to apples comparison. Lee's in a contested primary, Ted's not. Ted's also a popular incumbent.

I'd say Ted's got until mid-summer before it's time to ramp up the criticism on him, and they've already said they have a website in the works.

David said...

That's odd, Ted used to have his '06 logo up, perhaps a new site is closer than we think?

Anonymous said...

I don't really understand the angst over the Fisher/Brunner race. Both are pro-choice, tax-hiking, wealth-spreading, blame-Bush-first, Big Labor boosters, no?

Why are you guys all at each other's throats over this primary? Seems like you should be happy either way?

Nick D said...

Jeff, a lot of what happened last week has to do with blogger inside baseball stuff, but for now, just remember that there wasn't that much of a policy difference between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama either, but that didn't stop a long, expensive, drawn out primary fight either.