Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Akron Recall Heating Up

I dunno what Pho has been up to, but a story in today's Beacon Journal points to increasing evidence of the raging fire that the potential recall of Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic has become. 

Warner Mendenhall, the leader of the recall effort, has a $169,000 IRS lien for unpaid taxes against him, and in the past had a $1,500 lien for unpaid child support against him, which was satisfied in 2006. When the anti-recall Citizens for Akron decided to point that out to Akron residents in a mail piece by calling him a "tax cheat" and a "deadbeat dad" , Mendenhall took offense and filed a complaint with the OEC.

Rather than filing against Citizens for Akron with the OEC, Mendenhall would do better to explain why this recall effort is not the personal vendetta that it is rumored to be.


Hugh said...

The truth about Change Akron Now here:


"I know a clown when I see one..."

Shanice said...

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