Monday, June 08, 2009

JPMorgan Chase Adds 1150 Jobs in Columbus. Blogosphere: Crickets.

You wouldn't know it by reading any of Ohio's progressive blogs last week, but JPMorgan Chase, the largest private employer in metro Columbus, announced it is consolidating its customer service operations in facilities in Columbus and Westerville, creating 1,200 jobs. From the presser:
Leaders from the Ohio Governor Ted Strickland's Office and Departments of Development from Ohio and the cities of Columbus and Westerville worked with Chase to provide generous incentives to attract the new jobs to central Ohio.

"We could not be happier to announce that this important project with JPMorgan Chase will bring 1,150 jobs to Columbus as well as retain positions that are already here," Gov. Strickland said. "The company's decision to stay in Columbus and strengthen an already world-renowned presence here is a tremendous boost to our economy and very welcome news for Ohio."

Lt. Governor Lee Fisher and Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman were among a delegation of public officials that began discussing this opportunity with Chase leaders more than six months ago.

"This project was a dedicated public-private partnership among the State of Ohio, the City of Columbus, and the company at a very pivotal time for our economy," Lt. Gov. Fisher added. "We know that companies have more choices now than ever before, and JP Morgan Chase's commitment to Ohio reinforces their celebrated reputation as being one of our very best success stories."

Columbus Mayor Coleman said, "We are gratified that Chase wants to continue to make Columbus its home and grow its operations here. We will keep fighting for every job as we continue to make Columbus an economically competitive city."
Why didn't Ohio's progressive blogs trumpet this latest accomplishment by Gov. Ted Strickland and Lt. Gov Lee Fisher? I honestly have no idea. Modern of course didn't mention Chase's job creation when taking a swipe at Fisher because of NCR's move to Atlanta, but as for the rest of the 'sphere? Who knows.

UPDATE: Corrected Title to cite proper number of jobs created.


Modern Esquire said...

Um, Nick, the press release you're whining about I didn't write about came out TODAY... and I wasn't sent it me despite the fact that I get most of the Governor Office's press release.

It's kindof hard for me to write about something I didn't know about.

It's kind of hard for progressive blogs to write about a story last week that none of us even heard abput until TODAY... including YOU.

Seriously, kid, drop the conspiracy theories and realize that if you didn't know about this press release until this afternoon, we didn't know about it either.

Nick D said...

Modern, the Columbus Dispatch had a story about this published last Tuesday, June 2nd. I was out of town and unavailable for blogging last week.

Here's the link the Dispatch's story published last Tuesday:

Nick D said...

The previous comment's link was truncated, here's an in-line link

Modern Esquire said...

Never saw the story (I don't get the Dispatch and if it's not on its politics section, I'll likely miss it. I'd dare say the same would be true of the rest of us.)

I do find it odd that you'd first link to a random Indian-based newswire service story today if you, at the time you wrote this post, actually already knew about the Columbus Dispatch story.

My guess? You didn't know abou tthe Dispatch story until after you wrote this post. Give my best to the Fisher campaign.

Nick D said...

And just to satisfy you're curiosity, i wanted to quote the official press release, so I Googled it and posted the first one I found. The Dispatch story did not provide a link to the official press release.