Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A journey of a thousand miles...

My first impressions of San Francisco are that it reminded me of just how true that statement is of how a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This morning (8/2) I woke up in my bed in Columbus, got my apartment ready for me to be gone, went to work, left work at 2:30, drove my car up to Mazda Direct so it can be serviced, they dropped me off at the airport, I boarded my flight to Phoenix, and four hours later we arrived (the annoyance of a screaming kid more than balanced out by a screaming hot redhead flight attendant). Then I had to race across Phoenix Sky Harbor to catch my connecting flight to Oakland. I landed in Oakland and immediately loved the moderate temps. I then took a cab to my hotel, where after eating dinner I am sitting in the lobby hacking this out (no internet access in the individual rooms). So here I am trying to convince myself that it really is 11:09 PM instead of 2:09 AM, and thinking about how far I've come in a single day.

The YDA convention starts Wednesday @ Noon. More updates as they become available.

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JLoeser said...

Thanks for doing this Nick. Make sure Lauren gets elected!