Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What exactly is a "boutique" hotel?

Well I am back in the lobby to get some Internet business done. After my first night here I am struck by the uniqueness of this place. What is a boutique hotel? A hotel with no air conditioning but walk in closets. A hotel with no internet access except in the lobby to encourage people to hang out there. A hotel with an Arabic-fusion restaurant called Saha (a weird name to me, as my grandmother has been saying that to me after I cough or sneeze since I was little). A hotel where four different languages can be heard during breakfast.

The seminar that I am attending at the conference doesn't start til 3 PM so I have something like 4 hours to kill. I've got a map of the city and I think its time to hop on the Muni and see what I can see. If I take pictures I will be sure to post them. And I promise there will eventually be some politically relevant information on here ;)

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