Thursday, April 23, 2009

AP: Majority of Americans Say Country Is on the Right Track; Obama Approval 64%

In a poll conducted for the AP from April 16-20 and released today, a majority of Americans say the country is on the "right track" for the first time in at least four years. 48% of Americans say the country is on the right track versus 44% who say its on the wrong track. 

President Obama's approval rating stands at 64% in this poll, down ten points from his pre-inaugural figure. However, the number of Americans who say that President Obama is a "strong leader" (what Toby Ziegler used to call the "real one" back on the West Wing) in the poll is a stout 76%, virtually unchanged from his 78% pre-inaugural figure. 

To read more about the poll, you can view the PDF by clicking here.

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