Monday, April 20, 2009

Is This Really News?

No kidding, PD, are you guys just figuring this out?
State Rep. Josh Mandel, an Iraq War veteran viewed as a future star in Ohio Republican circles, is drawing close to announcing officially that he will run for state treasurer in 2010.

"I'm very seriously leaning toward running for state treasurer and will be making my final decision very soon," Mandel said in an interview Monday.
The PD must have drunk the Mandel cool aid, since it describes his 17th State House district as "a swing district that actually leans slightly Democratic." Hogwash. The Ohio 17th was gerrymandered specifically for the GOP, as is obvious once you consider that Mandel followed GOPer Jimmy Trakas in representing the district.

I'm looking forward to watching Kevin Boyce take this guy down.


Life Long Lakesider said...

Boyce is no rockstar and is inexperience and unqualified for the office. He is likely to be the one that loses the statewide seat for the Democrats.

Nick D said...
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Nick D said...

If it's Boyce vs. Mandel, then experience is a wash. Boyce spent a decade on Columbus City Council, (population 700,000+) and helped the city retain its coveted AAA bond rating. Mandel spent one term on Lyndhurst city council (population 16,000) before moving on to serve two terms in the State House of Reps. I'd call that a wash, with maybe a slight edge to Boyce.