Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Americans United for Change New Ad Targets Moderate Dems. Will Ohio's Space, Boicceri, Wilson Get Hit?

Americans United for Change has a new ad campaign that will be targeting moderate Democrats who might waiver in their support of President Obama's proposed budget. Looking at Ohio Democrats who might be targeted, the names that jump to the top of the list are Dems who represent congressional districts that voted for John McCain last fall: Zack Space, Charlie Wilson, and John Boicceri. Take a look at the new ad, courtesy of Politico:

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Bobbie06 said...

I find it disgusting that this group can legally call themselves "Americans United for Change". Liberals United would be the better label. Something needs to be done to legally force a name change. CONSERVADEMS -- STAY TRUE TO YOUR CONSTIUENTS .... YOU ARE APPRECIATED.