Monday, March 23, 2009

Brunner: Fisher Can't Win

As David has ably pointed out over at BSB, The Licking County Pro-Active Citizens' Blog has some interesting quotes attributed to Secretary of State, and 2010 U.S. Senate candidate, Jennifer Brunner. 

Some Democrats, including Governor Ted Strickland, have indicated they'd prefer that Brunner stand down so that Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher can be the Democratic nominee without a contested primary.

"Take one for the team?," Brunner responded.  "Even if the other guy can't win?  I don't think that makes sense."

And as for party leaders who worry that her Senate ambitions put in jeopardy Democratic control of the remapping of state legislative districts after 2010, Brunner also thinks such fears are unfounded.

She's already at work recruiting a strong woman candidate to replace her as Secretary of State if she moves on to the U.S. Senate, Brunner said.

"I have no doubt we'll hold on to that seat," she said.

Couple of interesting points here. One, I don't see a basis for Brunner to say that Fisher can't win the seat. The polls from Quinnipiac bear out that Fisher and Brunner are in equal position against Rob Portman at this time. If anything, Fisher polls slightly better. 

Two, I think Brunner owes it to Ohio Democrats everywhere to seek the best possible candidate for SOS, no matter their gender, since her candidacy does put at risk Democratic control of the apportionment board. Obviously, Brunner would have the advantage of incumbency if she were to run for SOS in 2010, and her replacement won't have that luxury in a race against Slick Jonny Husted.

Third, I understand things are heating up quickly, but I had hoped we could wait a little longer before lobbing pot shots. This primary has already caused a major dislocation in Ohio's progressive blogosphere, and we don't need it to spread to our party structure at a time when we are still trying to heal from the Clinton-Obama primary of a year ago (yes, it was only one year ago),

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Modern Esquire said...

If that's a pot shot, then Fisher and his supporters don't have the skin for the game. It seems pretty fair to say given the fact that Lee hasn't won a statewide election in nearly twenty years. And his only statewide win was by a 1,200 votes.