Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cuyahoga County Indictments Coming Soon?

Well we now have two blogs reporting imminent indictments stemming from Operation Air Ball, the FBI corruption probe that surrounds Jimmy Dimora and other Cuyahoga County elected officials. Over at Ohio Daily Blog, Anthony encourages us to "not fear the reaper" by posting a video of the Blue Oyster Cult's classic song. 

I personally am not afraid of the reaper at all. Let's let the FBI clear these guys out. Then the citizens of Cuyahoga County need to do the rest and demand county government reform once and for all. Clearly our current system of county government is inadequate to the challenges of the time. We need the accountability that comes from having an elected representative be responsible for a specific district. We need ONE CEO, not three or more, to truly take executive control of the county government. And most of all, we need resource sharing to reduce the cost of governing a declining population. 

Don't fear the reaper? This seems like a more appropriate song to me...

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