Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brunner Fundraising Numbers: Underwhelming, To Say the Least

I believe that Dave at Progress Ohio was the first to report on Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner's underwhelming first quarter fundraising numbers that were released today. Brunner raised about $200,000 in the first quarter 2009 for her Senate campaign, about one-fifth of Lee Fisher's $1 million haul, and about one-seventh of likely GOP challenger Rob Portman's $1.4 million that he actually raised instead of transferred from his congressional account.

There's lots of other stuff to blog about tonight, but let me just say that the Brunner supporters in the blogopshere have to be disappointed by this result. Fundraising is important no matter how Modern and Russo will try to spin this, and Brunner absolutely needs to make an all out push for 2Q money or this primary may be over before it begins.


Life Long Lakesider said...

Brunner can win the Senate - Fisher will come close but once again be beat by a Republican. Fisher support has always been wide but thin and he is unable to cross the finish line. We need to rally behind Brunner who we know can beat Portman.

Chris said...

I could not agree any more firmly with Life Long Lakesider. Fisher will lose the Senate to a charismatic and talented campaigner like Portman, and if you think Fisher is the superior fundraiser now, wait until you see what Portman can do with the entire GOP establishment behind him (as he will surely have). Fisher will lose, lose, lose. Our only shot of taking Voinovich's seat is primary defeat of Lt. Gov. Fisher, who literally has lost every one of the several campaigns that he personally has run since 1990. That's 20 years, folks, and some of the defeats in there were to serious underdogs.